Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Three Word Wednesday: Surviving Summer Showers

With guest blogger Lyli Dunbar, Kristin Hill Taylor hosts considerations about surviving summer showers.

sunshine rain rainbow

I'll take the 3 word prompt as an analogy by contemplating "summer" as my most fave and most best season of the year, "showers" not the welcome celebratory cloudburst that cools off everything and leaves a fresh earthy ozone scent behind... but as showers the unexpected rain that wrecks an event, demands rescheduling after some guests have gone out of town, ruins a party you knew could be outdoors because of historical weather and rain patterns. The rains came, the rain didn't just cool down the day; the temperature dropped 30 degrees and all my cool weather clothes are packed away at the other place in the former city a couple hundred miles away. Surviving summer showers is about keeping afloat when it becomes clear I'm not in control. It's singing and trusting with Eric Andersen in "Rolling Home":
Truth, with all its far out schemes,
Lets time decide what it should mean;
It's not the time but just the dreams that die.
And sometimes when the room is still,
Time with so much truth to kill,
Leaves you by the window sill so tied
Without a wing to take you high,
Without a clue to tell you why.

So hold onto those dreams—and trust the rainbow after the rain in Kristin's illustration. But this interval has been anything but micro. Rains have chilled me through; not a single sweater or jacket or blanket, no human, ramada, or snack shop warm enough to become shelter. Time's tied me by the windowsill with clipped wings looking out at everyone else's lives. Despite my endless attempts to fathom what's happened I have no clue to tell me why it's all gone down this way.

Have I survived? You know it! Will I keep on surviving? Stop back soon to learn more!

sunshine rain rainbow

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