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February 2017: from Studio to Sanctuary to Street

from Studio to Sanctuary to Street

February 2017

synod offices and lunar new year february

• Very early February, and the school that shares a campus with judicatory offices and church featured Lunar New Year window decorations. I haven't previously shown my blog fans the cool handprints as you enter the courtyard—here they are!

Mourning into Dancing, Psalm 30:11, Easter Vigil God in steadfast love will meet me, Psalm 59:10

Shadow of Thy Wings, Psalm 63:7, Lent 3C Like a Child, Psalm 131:2, epiphany 8A

• This group of psalm edits gave results I liked a (whole) lot!

Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball
Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball

• Roy Lichtenstein [was] in LA with Pop For the People; I viewed it on Thursday 16 February at the Skirball.

• Sunday 19 February at the Hammer Museum included...

Hammer Museum Car in Window

• How's this window exhibit on the Westwood side of the Armand Hammer Museum?

Dubuffet exhibit

• Surprise (to me) Exhibit of Drawings and paintings by Jean Dubuffet at the Hammer that more typically concentrates on LA art and artists.

Nicolas Party Basket of Balls Nicolas Party Basket of Moons

• Since I caught the very last day of the Nicolas Party show, why not snap and show a couple more pics of these luscious arts?

Block Chain Slideshow title at the Hammer Block Chain Slideshow at the Hammer

• A few years ago I designed a gift-style (ISO-ID1) card for someone involved with the new bitcoin currency. It turns out bitcoins relate to [bitcoin relates to?] the blockchain that would eliminate many brokers, lots of fees, endless inconveniences and redundancies in financial and other markets.

Lanterns at Hammer Museum UCLA Lanterns at Hammer Museum UCLA

• The Hammer Museum courtyard's a perfect place to read, write, draw, surf, sit.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Westwood & Weyburn

• I had my very first Hazelnut Ice Blended (with whole milk and whipped cream) of 2017 at the Westwood & Weyburn Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf—and discovered they don't do rewards.

Worship at the Center Event Banner

• Worship at the Center 2017: Engaging Worship & Culture got its own separate blog post.

open work cross, St Paul's Santa Monica communion table, St Paul's Santa Monica Palisades Preschool Santa Monica Welcome

• It rained all three days of the event and gave us a cozy feeling? Gave me a cozy feeling!

African Diaspora Celebration at Olivet Church collage

• On Transfiguration afternoon for Black History Month "An American Artistic Voyage Celebrating the African Diaspora."

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