Sunday, April 30, 2023

April 2023

april 2023 header
• Peach Blossoms
• Golden Poppies
• Succulents
• Roxy in Easter Egg Bandana she won from a twitter friend

Maundy Thursday St Matthew;s exterior; bread and cup stained glass
• Triduum Act 1: Maundy Thursday in North Hollywood 06 April

four paintings for good friday
• Triduum Act 2: Good Friday in North Hollywood. What a Night! 07 April

He Qi Crucifixion
• Crucifixion by He Qi is a separate line item. He Qi Art website

baptismal font and white flowers
• Triduum Act 3: Resurrection – font and flowers 09 April

purple statice and golden poppies
• Statice and Golden Poppies. The world in spring bloom!

earth day 2023 invest in our planet
• Too funny! I was so intent on publishing this April rundown before midnight, and I knew I'd carefully included all the highlights… but I ended up spacing Earth Day! Here's a Monday morning edit and addition. I trust you'll always #InvestInOurPlanet.

peach blossoms young peaches
• Very early April peach blossoms turned into very late April peaches

living local 2023
California word on golden poppies

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