Saturday, April 29, 2023

Five Minute Friday :: Persist

five minute friday persist
Five Minute Friday :: Persist Linkup

Similar to a visual or musical pattern that repeats itself over and over again, sometimes exactly the same, sometimes with variations, my years have hankered after whatever skills and experiences I'd need to answer and fulfill God's call on my life and gifts. Anyone would say I persisted. When yet another expected situation didn't turn out well or never even began, I persisted in the same direction.

It doesn't take profound powers of observation to notice how creation also fancies persistent patterns. Something about the basic design of the universe? Probably so!

My current persist list includes:

• Keepin' on keepin' on with this "main blog" I started on the middle day of July 2002. I haven't missed a month, though for a scant handful I've blogged only once or twice.

• My mostly scripture, mostly lectionary blog: City Paradise / Urban Wilderness

• More skills for, more experience related to the essential "persist" for my lifelong sense of call and purpose to beautify the inner city and serve the urban church.

• The Beethoven Piano Sonatas. I can play 27 of the 32 to public performance level, though admittedly I've paused that project for now because the five remaining seem too conceptually difficult. I'll get to those soon, I trust.

• My relational persistence definitely is subject to revision. Only a very few times I've decided I no longer can persist leaving the light on for a particular person, though that still says nothing about what I might do regarding them a few years from now.

Time's up! How do you persist?

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  1. Persistence isn't needed,
    not here, not any more;
    it's a truth that I have heeded,
    'cause now I know the score.
    I've seen death mirrored in my face,
    I've seen it in the dunny,
    I've seen the very highest grace
    is to keep life light and funny
    because all things will pass away
    when we're pulled out from Above,
    and the only thing that's going to stay
    with us is the love
    that transcends everything we do
    and makes the joy of Heaven true.

  2. Wow! That's great how persistant you have been on your blog! Keep writing and inspiring!!

  3. sounds like you have a good list of things to persist on. FMF17

  4. "I can play 27 of the 32 to public performance level" is very impressive.👏

  5. yes, I too can persevere through thick and thin, and then suddenly I look up and find it has gone - from my life and my habits and I hardly noticed the good things slip away. #25


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