Monday, July 31, 2023

July 2023

July summary garden header
• Clockwise from upper left: Sunday dirt dessert with edible candy butterflies; Monday corn in community garden; Tuesday sunflowers; Thursday apples; Wednesday plums

Urban Wilderness / City Paradise Lectionary Project for July

• No interesting outings this month, but July featured the annual Sunday evening through Thursday evening Camp Central. From the dozens of pics I took, here's some of creation's bounty for each day.

• Peaches on Sunday

wicker chairs conversation meeting place
• Conversation place on Monday

seeds waiting to sprout
seeds waiting to sprout
• Seeds waiting to sprout and bloom from Tuesday

watermelon wedges
• Best and juiciest watermelon snacks from Wednesday and continuing into Thursday

bright golden flower
golden apples
• Flowering beauty and golden apples on Thursday

urban greenery with white flowers
desert flora on Valerio
• Intriguing urban desert flora on Wednesday afternoon the 26th

living local 2023
purple lavender statice

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