Friday, August 18, 2023

Five Minute Friday :: Moment

Early July Sunday Brights
Five Minute Friday :: Moment Linkup

"Moment" carries the sense of a brief slice of time, maybe so short you can't clock it, possibly longer, yet still fleeting in human terms.

I love photographing creation's bounty, creation's moods, creation's momentary splendors. Since last spring I've captured pomegranates from flower through (almost) ripe, ready to savor mature fruit. As my header group shows, I've also been marveling at peaches and plums.

At any time of the year or time of a day I walk along the urban chain link fence that's part of the perimeter that needs to be secured at the end of a day, my viewing angle changes, light and shadows relocate and recolor their subjects. Although I particularly love early morning's feeling of expectation and late afternoon's of fulfillment, the quality of the light and the shadows at those moments of a day hold magical enchantment.

Isn't it astonishing that each moment is different as we follow a plant, flower, fruit, person, or idea? Not only is every increment along their timelines a bit different, every one appears different from each place in space we view them from. That's why every visual artist, every wordsmith, and every photographer brings the world a unique vision.

What moments do you especially love to photograph, paint, sketch, draw, or write about? When we participate in a Five Minute Friday we capture a moment in time—think about it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the changes that happen in moments. We live near mountains. One of our favorite activities is watching the shadows, colors and details change from moment to moment. I love photography and wish I could draw or paint. I guess words are my thing. Thank you again for sharing your story!

  2. True that. Each moment is part of what we share with the world eh? Like my garden flowers that I post to facebook. I figure the beauty they bring me will delight others as well. :) FMF15

  3. So wonderfully spoken.
    Visiting today from FMF#13

  4. I enjoy following the moments of my plants--especially the ones that don't look as though they're going to make it and then suddenly show signs of new life.


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