Thursday, August 31, 2023

Summer & August 2023

August header pomegranates trees hibiscus
1. Pomegranate Fruit: August 7th
2. National Night Out Neighbor's Tree: August 1st
3. Hibiscus Flower: August 14th

• This month I'm relying a lot on google photo collages

June 2023 Summary

July 2023 Summary

Urban Wilderness-City Paradise Lectionary Blog for August

National Night Out
• Tuesday 01 August National Night Out, "A national community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnership" on the first Tuesday in August every year. Since 1984! These pictures are from the host neighbor's lovely back yard.

first full moon of August
• First Full Sturgeon Moon of August was a Supermoon on Tuesday the 1st

Hibiscus in mid-August
• Mid-August Hibiscus splash

pomegranate progression
• Pomegranate progression from May through August!

full blue supermoon
• The second Sturgeon Full Supermoon happened on Wednesday 30 August, making it a rare Blue Moon. Earth Sky explains, "Look for the bright, round moon in the east shortly after sunset on August 30, 2023. It'll be highest in the sky around midnight. And it'll be low in the west before sunrise on August 31."

• Other names for August's full moon include Red, Corn, Green Corn, Barley, Herb, Grain, and Dog Moon. The 40 Dog Days of summer began July 3rd and extended through August 11th.

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