Friday, January 12, 2024

Five Minute Friday :: Pattern

pattern on triangle mosaic tiles
Five Minute Friday :: Pattern LInkup

First FMF of 2024, and I hope it will be the start of a year-long pattern!

We sometimes follow existing patterns: how to knit a sweater; how to drive safely; I've always done it this way and it's always worked well, so why change a good thing… Some presentations in life appear random, but if you look closely, you'll see they follow a distinct pattern. If you listen carefully to music, you'll hear many patterns, and you can see them on the printed score! Patterns that gradually reveal themselves is especially true of creation at all levels, from microscopic to massive.

Our days develop patterns that we sometimes plan with care and recognize as they're happening: early to rise; morning routine; off to work or school; home for the evening; meals in the midst; not quite early enough to bed. Repeat.

And some patterns we recognize only after they've developed or are in process: hey, it's great that I walked to work every day this week! Journaled almost every day this year so far. Less caloric salad dressing because I got it by accident, but it tastes fine so I'll keep on with that kind.

In the world of art and design I inhabit, when a figure repeats with or without variation, we say it's formed a pattern. As artist-designers, in general we try to develop visually pleasant patterns, but we also attempt to create surprise disruptions and discontinuities. In the world of fashion, you may have heard it's best not to wear several different patterns together, yet blending certain stripes, florals, and plaids can have a wonderful effect when you do it well.

What patterns in your life do you want to modify? Maybe change? Whether or not they're currently in place, what patterns do you feel are essential for stability and well-being?

PS Back in the day I used to knit quite a lot, and I was very good (so skilled that people would tell me I couldn't have knit whatever it was because it looked too perfect). Kate's beautiful pattern picture reminds me that whenever I'd knit a complicated pattern such as a Fair Isle, Aran isle, or Argyle, it would take a tremendous amount of effort and concentration to execute the pattern the first time, but after that It was almost auto-pilot. Is that a good life analogy? Or not? What do you think?
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  1. I love this artistic perspective on pattern and life! Thanks for sharing. Your #fmf neighbor, Cindy

  2. oh, nicely done. I'm trying to break a food eating pattern in my life, and trying to disrupt trains of thought as that's the most helpful thing thus far. Kinda like your disrupting pattern! Hopefully, this new pattern will take hold and make God more central. FMF22

  3. made me think of the disrupted patterns that became so popular last century - the jazz and cubism and other experimental art forms. Thank you.


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