Wednesday, January 31, 2024

January 2024

January header
Urban Wilderness / City Paradise Lectionary Reflections for January

• No January outings to historical places or tourist spaces, but I have some other pictures.
kitteh, Christmas Tree, decor, cactus
• Sir Chives, one of my Housemates – Christmas Tree (it's still up with lights but without other decorations) – Poster in Social Space of the Church I've been attending – Succulent in Church Parking Lot
christmas tree, outdoors tree, desert plant, new cup
• Christmas Tree Vignette – Tree Against Sky – Another Church Parking Lot Succulent – New! Contemporary Ceramic Cup
kitteh cup, doggeh, treemural, evergreen
• Cute Kitteh Cup – Chase, Another of my Housemates – Tree of Life Mural from Church – Unidentified (by me) Evergreen
seven kittehs together on baid
• Malinda's Seven Kittehs All Together
living local 2024
California Pomegranate in Progress

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