Friday, July 13, 2012

2nd friday random 5

Today is the 3rd Friday the 13th of 2012 and revkjarla hosts another 2nd Friday random 5 that seems perfect for helping to lighten my current almost über-serious modality:

life stuff button1. If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth, where would you take them? (Remember, you have superpowers from last month's Second Friday Five, so if you need to use them for transportation, feel free to do so.)
When I checked out my 5 for the 2nd Friday in June, the only superpower I noticed was having all the ingredients on hand for a super sandwich, so maybe the pleasure and energy I'd get from enjoying that sandwich would help transport the VCL Aliens to a few of my fave venues: a desert, any desert, but why not the local Anza-Borrego? A big city, so I'll make that The City of Angels a little north of here; a beach, too: how about La Jolla Shores? Yep, only those three for now, and several more for later. BTW, I know the VCL Aliens would like the earth sandwich, too.

2. What is making you grumpy these days?
After far too long, still trying to figure out how to find community that welcomes me and celebrates my participation instead of casting me aside with stupid excuses. And yes, I've finally learned to leave after waiting a reasonable time.

3. O.K., so now that you got the grumps out, what is one thing today that will be sheerly joyful for you?
I have another organ supply gig for Sunday and I'm excited about practicing hymns and liturgy on the new organ at that church later today. Since this one was a surprise, I'm waiting for the pastor to email me the hymns so I can have the pleasure of choosing related prelude and postlude. I'm also excited about this blog's 10-year blogoversary that's coming up Monday; I want to figure out something wonderful to post within the octave of that date.

4. I am pitifully, once again, trying to grow a garden. Last year I only harvested one cucumber. This year, I have zucchini, cucumbers and tiny tomato plants. Everything is abloom, but the jury is out whether there will be any yield. So, do YOU have a garden? What are you growing? If you don't, what is your favorite fresh summertime vegetable/fruit/flower?
No fruit, berry, veggie, or flower garden here, but my fave summer bounty includes berries and tomatoes and I tend to go crazy with the wide local supply from Mexico and California. It took me a long time, but I've finally learned not to buy produce that's been shipped any distance for the multitude of familiar reasons.

5. If the aforementioned aliens suddenly demanded all the contents of your closet, OR ELSE (as in clothing, shoes, etc.) but kindly said you could keep three items, what would they be?
As much as I adore the really truly vintage Jessica's Gunnies skirt I got on eBay a while ago, it's also kinda fragile (I wear it as little as possible and have patched it discretely with iron-on from the back in several places), but I love skirts and dresses in general and since in the warm weather I wear them as much as possible my three would be my just below the knees lightweight embroidered corduroy skirt, a white cotton shirt to go with it, and one of my three tan safari dresses. I'll choose the one with longest sleeves so I won't get too chilly: every inch of sleeve helps lots.


  1. 1. If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth, where would you take them?
    smithsonian, so they could learn about humans - and this planet. and keep them from listening or watching the news because it is full of nothing but humans doing wrong to each other, to animals, to society, etc.

    2. What is making you grumpy these days?
    health issues and the stress of a long, unsuccessful job search - but i keep at it.

    4. So, do YOU have a garden? What are you growing?
    i am growing three kinds of tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots ( only two grew though), radishes and onions. radishes and onions seem to grow really well here! but i love blueberries, but we buy them at costco. my great uncle in west virginia grows them, and when i have been lucky enough to be back there for blueberry season, i can eat them off the vine, there is nothing better than that!

    5. my purple converse sneakers, my ducks jersey and the disney sweatshirt that my dad gave me a few years before he died.

    laura r

  2. Hope you do find "your place". Have fun practicing.

  3. love the trips you'd take those aliens on.

  4. I'm with you on your 2nd response. Far too clear and painful a process, isn't it? Grumping with you on that one!

  5. Great responses. I get your grumpies too! So sorry
    I bet you are getting some awesome produce there, yet I am certain we get some stuff that you do not here.
    Love eating local.

  6. Oh! Those VCL aliens would definitely love the earth sandwich! Thinking of you as you search for community with integrity....and Jessica Gunnies skirt--as in Jessica McClintock/Gunniesax from the seventies?

  7. yep, as in Gunniesax from the 70's... one of the great things about the skirt I chose to keep is you can wear it anywhere expect ultra-casual or über-formal (unlike the sweats most peeps picked),


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