Monday, July 30, 2012

early reader's bible

Early Reader's Bible by F Gilbert Beers, illustrations by Terri Steiger on Amazon

early reader's bible coverIntended for very young kids, this version of the Good Book includes several dozen well-known Old Testament and New Testament stories. The NT ones mostly are from the synoptics and from Acts, along with Jesus cleansing the temple in John 2 (way to go, the basis of Jesus' Ministry!) and from John 20, the risen Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene (basic apostleship!); there's also a single Philemon pericope. The Early Reader's Bible has basic words and new words vocabulary lists, scripture references, with end of chapter questions and activities to help review the story—what we'd call applications in a bible for older readers. "Words to know" in a box at the start of each story also can serve as keywords.

Terri Steiger's illustrations are bright and fun without being exclusively those basic red, blue, yellow, and green spectrum colors many kids' toy manufacturers seem to think are the only hues that attract kids. One reviewer mentioned all the people in the stories are Caucasian; they're all "basic humanity" Mediterranean-looking, and for sure I'd have drawn a far greater variety of ethnicities and abilities, but their appearances do reflect the actual characters in the actual scriptural events. Answering the questions and doing the activities can help readers insert themselves into the narratives.

Besides young people just learning to read, this fat, board-bound book would be a great resource for folks of any age just learning English or for older adults learning to read, as well. I haven't been researching or comparing versions of scripture for young readers, but this seems like an excellent choice for home, church, or Sunday School libraries.

my amazon review: a good version of the good book

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