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Three Word Wednesday - January 2017: Around {the} Town

around town January 2017

• Another new month—February! If you're in the northern hemisphere, have you noticed days getting longer? I love the extra daylight that becomes can't-miss-it noticeable a month after winter solstice and carries a promise of spring. For her Three Word Wednesday Kristin Hill Taylor writes about {8} things {she learned} in January; Kristin wonders, "what everyday stories have you been living?" I'm doing another activity reprise that along the way includes some learnings and some underlying questions.

• No new window art from the school that shares the Glendale campus with church and synod offices. They'd been taking down the evergreen tree paintings when I got there; by the time I left the windows were bare. However, I let myself onto campus by punching in the gate access code—does that feel powerful!!

orange tree in church yard

• Orange Tree in the churchyard has plumping citrus fruit (almost) bursting with juice.

coffee bean @ Wilshire & Western Wilshire & Western corner

Wilshire & Western corner Wilshire & Western

Wilshire & Western wilshire & western looking downtown

• I never ever tire of cruisin' the Wilshire corridor.

fish tacos

• Fish Tacos again! A couple times during January!

Old Navy Window @ The Plant January 2017 Old Navy Window @ The Plant  January 2017

• A few sessions of Retail Therapy at Old Navy at The Plant in Panorama City

Fair Isle Old Navy Mittens Fair Isle Old Navy Scarf

• Amazing prices on Fair Isle scarf and mittens ... from Old Navy at The Plant in Panorama City

Cranberry Mustard Recipe

• I fell so in love with the tangy, slightly piquant cranberry mustard sauce Subway introduced last fall for one of their sandwiches I found a recipe and realized I liked it so because proportions are 5::1 cranberry-mustard. I hope it returns to the restaurants!

• In her report for Annual Meeting, interim pastor wrote, "LCM fulfills its mission by opening scripture to hear it say
'Come and see.' 10:00 a.m. Sunday Bible Study with Leah C opening the day's texts..."

MLK Day Celebration 15 January 2017

MLK Day Celebration 15 January 2017

• On Sunday 15 January, a joint Episcopal-Lutheran MLK Day eucharistic celebration became a homecoming for me. Even though it included Canterbury? Yes, because Canterbury also is a type of returning home.

God has spoken, so let the church say... Amen! AndraƩ Crouch

blueberries blueberries

• Continued affordable prices on blackberries—now blueberries abound!

• A Facebook and blog ring friend wore my name for the Washington DC Women's March. What did I march for? As in my Preservation Project blog description,
• Neighborhood revitalization
• brownfield reclamation
• storefront transformation
• infrastructure rehabilitation...

Grace Hill Church Pasadena Grace Hill Church Pasadena

Grace Hill Church Pasadena Grace Hill Church Pasadena

Grace Hill Church Pasadena

• Instead of participating in a local Women's March (remember, I marched in DC) on that Saturday I got to Pasadena for the second half of the third session of our judicatory's Reformation Road Trip.

record rainfall in LA county 22 January 2017

• On Epiphany 3, Sunday 22 January, mother nature or the rain gods – let's make that the Lord of all Creation and Lord of our Hearts – allowed a drenching, spectacular winter rain storm into the county. They claim the severe drought is over now! After worship every Sunday we enjoy brunch and conversation; for Epiphany 3 a church member who loves to try new recipes and always brings a both a vegan and a gluten-free option when she cooks, brought a large pan full of root veggies – carrots; turnips; beets – and a huge kettle full of potatoes mashed with onions.

• Sadly, I didn't imagine trying to go to the afternoon ecumenical worship service for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity; but happily, National Weather Service reported Long Beach Airport "saw an all-time daily record rainfall of 3.87", while Los Angeles Airport and Camarillo also saw record rainfall — 2.78" and 2.61", respectively."

MOCA poster in Wilshire/ Western subway station looking west on Wilshire

beside Denny's on Vermont Denny's restaurant on Vermont

• On the last Saturday of January AC and I met at our Wilshire & Vermont Haunting Place, had a yummy breakfast...

Pershing Square Los Angeles The Last Bookstore Window

Last Bookstore books stack last bookstore main selling floor

Last Bookstore crafts sign last bookstore gardening books

las bookstore vinyl records in bin last bookstore cookbooks display

• ...then we haunted the Last Bookstore.

Welcome to LACMA LACMA Urban Lights Lampposts

Palm trees at LACMA LACMA

LACMA looking up to sky Bellow, Cliff Dwellers @ LACMA

LACMA with Palms LACMA

LACMA and banner LACMA with palms and traffic signal silhouette

LACMA and street with westbound bus 720

across the street from LACMA

• Afternoon of the last Sunday in January, aka Epiphany 4, a Meetup at LACMA and yes, the building was golden because I took these pics at the late afternoon Golden Hour.

Kristin wonders, "what everyday stories have you been living?" Here are some of my stories for January; what are yours?

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