Monday, September 11, 2023

911 :: 22 Years

911 twenty two years

Yet my soul,
keep thou silence unto God:
for mine hope is in God.
Psalm 62:5

I've partly borrowed this from the intro to my lectionary blog for 911-2022 when the saga of un-creation from Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28 felt like the reality of WTC Ground Zero. Although they frequently advise us "preach the text and not the day," the appointed scripture sometimes feels custom picked for the day's event.


9/11/2001 + 22 = 2023

Twenty-two years later, where has the grief gone? Where have the memorial services gone? Happily or not, at least a few tweeps have asked where we were when we heard the news. That would be for those of us who are so old we were chronologically mature adults on 11 September 2001. And we're always ready to revisit our experience, to retell the horror.

Monday evening 9/10/2001 I'd gotten back late from a seminar for the year-long Community Economic Development certificate program I'd just started at San Diego State. Tireder than usual, I'd gotten up maybe an hour later than I typically did. By the time I turned on the morning news, the news had gone live. I watched the second plane hit the second tower.

And I never forget the hope of two and a half days later.

Thursday evening September 13, 2001, my Presbyterian Church (USA), the large Evangelical Lutheran Church in America across the street and the smaller ELCA around the corner, a nearby Roman Catholic, that big United Methodist, and the United Church of Christ that bordered this neighborhood and the adjacent one gathered at the ELCA across the street and celebrated Eucharist. In the wake of unprecedented destruction on USA soil, yes, we offered thanksgiving! A glance into all creation healed and whole. A moment in the future God dreams of and calls us to help create.

Where were you? What words or communities or actions or realities sustained your hope? Hold you in hope?

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