Friday, October 02, 2015

What I Learned in September 2015

Each month Emily Freeman hosts What I Learned in... September 2015

what I learned in Sept

1. Surprise! I haven't been annihilated!

kitchen flowers

2. I was so correct that I needed to be back in A Big City.

Wilshire looking west wilshire and westwood 2
wilshire & westwood

3. Dinner from The Taco Lady at the corner of this street is comidas sabrosas, and only $2.00 for a basic chicken or beef taco with abundant condiments!

taco time
taco time

4. During July I started Mindfulness Meditation every Thursday early afternoon at the Hammer Museum; it's been an inspired idea and practice that in September I resolved to continue.

hammer museum banner

hammer museum atrium

5. Finally looking outside myself long enough to realize this very street where I currently live will be an amazing resource for a gallery – or more likely several galleries – of house photographs.

urban fare logo

catalina street house

urban fare logo

6. Not a new learning, yet a life-giving remembering—grace is my star word for this year 2015.

year of grace

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