Sunday, October 01, 2017

#Write31Days 00 • Intro

31 Days of Celebrating Place

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Write 31 Days Writing Challenge: Every October, Every Day—an opportunity you can take in almost any direction. For 2015 and 2016 I did 5-minute free writes to the suggested prompts; this year I have a topic. What other could it be than landed place that's so central in the Hebrew Bible, so essential for human wellness, that continues to be a high incentive for immigration to the USA?

To limit this category, my places will be only in the USA, and that means continental USA, since I've never been to Alaska or Hawai'i. They'll all be places I've lived or visited, and loved; they'll all be locales of distinct memory. That means despite my frequently telling people I first saw the light of day in Alabama, I don't remember anything about the state, so can't include it {though my imagining and fantasies about the deep south could become an interesting blog post}. If I know a day at Belle Isle Park was full of fun and sun, but my only lasting impression is a colorful snapshot of our neighborly BBQ afterwards, that place is out. In 31 days I'll include micro places like the roof of the apartment building in the North End of Boston, possibly Fenway Park, maybe a mall where I used to hang out. Slightly larger areas would be entire neighborhoods of the North End or Koreatown Los Angeles. Probably expanding to include an entire city or town—Boston or Detroit. A regional place? Cape Cod; San Diego County; Ohio Western Reserve. My largest unit will be the geography of an entire state: try Arizona or Utah.

I created my header image and series button from one of three digitized sketches of a summer house on the beach at Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It became the background for several of my @Write31Days2016 post illustrations and for that year's landing page footer image.

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