Tuesday, November 03, 2009

C thanks-givings

November badge by Tracey DelaneyI'm only at letter C, and I'm discovering limiting myself to only a few thankfuls for each letter is really hard; in other words, this list is not complete in the least—but you knew that already!


Still has not failed to bring me joy, even when many of the chips have been way down. I love this quote I found in an old ad and that I've included in my favorite quotes for my Facebook profile and fan page:

In the beginning...a small bell chimed.
Creativity! It chimes like a small clear bell at the heart of the human spirit!

Spoken like scripture!


Of all varieties, types, sizes, styles, colors and cattitudes


despite my frequent anger and ongoing ambivalence...

comic sans

This had to be on my list because I'm a designer and I actually like comic sans. I don't use it for *real* design projects, but it's fun for blogs like this one and for emails.

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