Wednesday, November 11, 2009

K thanksgivings

November badge by Tracey DelaneyKentucky

"The Bluegrass State" is a place I've visited, driven through and longed for quite a few times. Kentucky could qualify as a state of mind and being, too.


Kindness seems all too rare these days and trust me, I savor, appreciate and celebrate it whenever it happens and I do everything I can to initiate it whenever possible. As one-time UCC Massachusetts Conference Minister Avery Post observed, "kindness is love in action."

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  1. I love kindness too. Yesterday, David (our kindergartner), missed the bus. A neighbor of ours left his house in his pajamas to take him to school because he didn't want me to have to haul the two little ones (a big effort to drive just a few blocks)! I hope I can be kind to someone else to return the favor!


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