Thursday, November 19, 2009

S thanks

as I'm moving into the home stretch, here's some backtracking about alphabetical thanks-giving for november

November badge by Tracey DelaneyJan at Yearning for God inspired me to blog alphabetical thanks and Mindy, who blogs at Bits and Odd Pieces of Mindy's Kingdom inspired me to try a daily blog for this month of November, so I'm combining them. And how cool is it that for national blog posting month "The theme for November is there is no theme for November?!"

"Thank You" to Tracey Delaney from Pretty Little Things – "life, art & everything else" for the blog month badge.

Sabi Sands

where the WildEarth leopards we ♥ love ♥ so live


a word of life for all the world


paradoxical, mysterious and concrete Divine Self-revelation and Self-giving


a fresh start for a new day, especially wonderful with a multicolored sky


who can resist splashes of light, hints of light and all the ways a little sun or a lot of it transforms the world


sun down, whether marking the end of a tumultuous, disappointing or otherwise not great day or a satisfying sigh for a productive time. sunsets are especially fabulous in the desert southwest and over the beach!

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