Friday, November 06, 2009

F thanks-givings

November badge by Tracey Delaneyforgetfulness!

From Carl Sandburg: ...and the forgetfulness of our sleep is strange and beautiful in itself—and what would you rather have than sleep?


a waking dream, an excursion into an imaginative place, a way of living "as if" so a new day will happen, or...?


mainly feral cats, but any critter or person or place or idea with a wild, uncatchable, untameable streak.


I've already admitted although I'm a designer I like comic sans. But typography and typefaces have fascinated me for a long time. Back in HS I used to sit in class and study hall and design my own. In my project for my urban sociology class I compiled a bibliography of "Graphic, Chromatic and Typographic Elements in Urban Environments."

Font also refers to the locale of many baptisms and even when a person is baptized in a river, a stream or an ocean (or maybe in a crick), that's their baptismal font.

finally, friday fives

here's a sample selection—and today is a Friday!

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  1. our Family LOVES Fridays too. It's what we call Family fun night!


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