Saturday, October 01, 2016

#write31days 01 • walk

Write31 Days, October 2016 edition. Very similar to Five Minute Friday free writes, participants write unedited for five minutes each day to a one-word prompt the host page provides or to their own topic; I'm following the prompts.

Saturday 01 October: walk

Last year I happily wrote all 31 days of 5 minute unedited free writes, but haven't been convinced accomplishing it this year would be worth the extra effort.

Christians talk about walking the talk. The gospel talk that's the story of death and resurrection. Death and resurrection like Jesus of Nazareth's. Do we walk the talk a lot? Risk all that much real dying to self so other humans and all creation might really live? Dire Straits had Johnny busking in the subway and doing the walk of life. Turning night time into the day. Baseball season's still here. Sometimes the pitcher walks a batter. In that scenario, actual walking is bad form.

First prompt of 31 is walk, so why not consider the entire month a one foot in front of the other, evenly paced walk through aspects of my days the prompts suggest—through sections of the city the ideas evoke. We're getting some good ones that include paint, brew, sky, neighbor – we've been talking neighborology a lot in the adult SS class I lead, so that one's already done – weekend, global, sign, bouquet. For Write 31 Days a slow stroll, lopping canter, jaunty jog or normal paced walk all are permissible. Not one is bad form! We can help turn the world's nighttime into day? Yeah, wholly holy! Let's go for it!

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  1. I love the different descriptions you use for the walk of write 31 days.


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