Monday, October 10, 2016

#Write31Days: 10 • unknown

Intro: all year long I looked forward to the month of October and an opportunity to write for five minutes every day and be amazed at what I did. Just as for 2015, I planned to use the series prompts rather than invent a topic of my own. Fairly early in Sept, the wifi at the place where I'm staying started having strange problems, and I could access only a limited number of sites. But then, after I'd posted only three days, it went out completely. I'd told the landlord I thought the trouble was the not very good router the ISP provided, and in the end it looks as if that's what happened. So I'm writing offline, saving posts to publish on the correct days, and I've been designing buttons for some of the days.

Monday 10 October: unknown

never stop dreaming / be amazing!

I've been enjoying designing topical buttons for some of the word prompts for this write 31 days 2016 series. The bottom layer of this design for unknown features one of the near countless versions I've done of what originally was only three illustrations of a house in Truro, on the vacation peninsula of Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, aka The Bay State. Every week I look forward to collecting most of the six free design assets from Creative Market; a couple weeks ago I got a large and generous supply of sayings in script to use wherever I'd like on any projects I create for myself or someone else. Some of them were way far too sweet and sappy for my current taste, but I latched onto never stop dreaming and be amazing,. After all the future is a real unknown, but if we all keep on dreaming, if everyone keeps dreaming and doing everything possible to be amazing, that'll help edge the future over into wonderful, marvelous, stupendous, not disappointing in the least column.

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