Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#Write31Days: 25 • sign

Tuesday 25 October: sign
Sign on the window says lonely.
Sign on the door says no company allowed.
Sign on the street says you don't own me.
Sign on the porch says three's a crowd.

Bob Dylan
As an artist-designer and as a theologian, sign and symbol are my currency. I talk about, around, through and in celebration of objects, words, and ideas that dynamically point beyond themselves to something else, often something very other than. Scriptures and sacraments are the symbols of the church. Sometimes we include the confessions (catechisms, creeds, statements of faith) in the symbols. We talk about two major sources that formed the fourth canonical gospel, the one that grew out of the community of John, the beloved disciple. What were they? The signs source and the I Am source.

I've de-signed my illustration for this prompt using a variety of the typeface Helvetica, one of the most popular, enduring, and ubiquitous ever. On sign-age for streets and roads; airports and airplanes; malls, Tar-Jays, Crate & Barrels. Packaging for every type of product that exists. There's also a newer, slightly changed and more refined takeoff, Helvetica Neue. Helvetica does the whole sign idea of clarity and communication exceptionally well.

Questions? I love discussing symbol, sign, and meaning. So gimme a sign or call me, maybe!

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