Thursday, October 06, 2016

#Write31Days: 06 • you

Thursday 06 October: you

"what I know"

At least in Western languages, the pronoun you has singular and plural forms. Everyday spoken English has pretty much abandoned "thou" as intimate and singular in favor of you that in every case operates identically to the plural you. Other Western languages have different conventions regarding you: some truly reserve the singular you for the intimate, friendly, lover(ly), familiar, and also for addressing the Divine. Other ways of speaking address one person or pet with a singular you, more than one with plural.

Christianity acknowledges God as immanent – "closer to us than we are to ourselves; Ground of Being" – and also as wholly other than where and who we are – "transcendent." Yet some scripture translations along with many private and public Christian prayers still address Deity as Thou, with parallel pronouns thy and thine.

"that's what I know"

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