Saturday, October 22, 2016

#Write31Days: 22 • off

Saturday 22 October: off

What can I write about a word like "off"? Living off the grid, off-label attire, off-brand vehicles. However you roll with it, off is the opposite of "on." Turn the lights on or off. I've been having an off day today. Last week I was so totally on, it had to be Santa Ana winds blowing in those positive ions!

Off-center – also know as ex-centric – is one of my fave "offs". Having said that, there are times being centered is a good thing, can be a good choice. But eccentrically off-center is better than on when it comes to fashion, home furnishings, lunch, movies, and music. Just sayin'... Because most times it means you've thought for yourself and felt your own feelings rather than going with popular trends and opinions. Being Your Own Person. Not someone's clone.

Rock On? Rock Off!

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