Monday, October 03, 2016

#Write31Days: 03 • wardrobe

Monday 03 October: wardrobe

Wardrobe. desert spirit's fire! mostly is a theology blog, so I could relate the wardrobe word and concept to clothes we wear on our body and/or the closet or armoire for storing clothes, and to make it formally theological, I could mention "clothed in his righteousness alone, faultless to stand before the throne" from My Hope is Based on Nothing Less and we can sing it to the tune Solid Rock. But I won't. Though I just did.

I consider colour, pattern, line, and other aspects of design almost 25/7. I've long loved clothes made of well-done neon fabric, but I don't mean hurriedly yarn- or garment-dyed with an off the printable gamut, screamingly vulgar spring green, coral, pink, green yellow, etc. My ideal is at least the appearance of sun-struck and semi-bleached, more softly subtle than in your face. Having said that, over the past two or three years, clothing retailers have been doing neon better. My flat lay features neon wear from the GAP and I actually bought a couple of pieces (not pictured here) at the nearby GAP factory: neon coral t-shirt dress and a softer coral long sleeved t-shirt. Having said all that about neon fabric, real neon colors are closer to "the benediction of the neon light" in Jackson Browne's Tender is the Night. The band Simple MInds also sang about neon lights. I insist I want my neon wardrobe stonewashed gentle and understated, but real neon colors are bright, vivid, casino and glaring.

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