Wednesday, October 05, 2016

#Write31Days: 05 • silence

Wednesday 05 October: silence

Two millennia of Christianity have brought and often emphasized a way of being centered:

• not on social and political activism
• not on regular celebrations of sacraments and ordinances
• not on excellent exegesis and exposition of scripture

but without intentional speech, movement of bodies or objects from here to there, reflection on, perception of...

I've heard "prayer is talking to God – meditation is listening to God"

but the silence I'm contemplating is a bit different from
where has that silence found me?

• afternoon in the Sonoran desert
• first light over the beach
• driving up the central coast
• the moment before the concertmaster gives the orchestra an A to tune with

PS The song sings "silence is golden" because humans often find high value in absence of chatter,noise, commotion,, bustling activity... total lack of audible sounds? Sometimes. Sometimes not.

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